East Calgary photographs
city core and Deerfoot Trail - 41 kb
View of the city core from
the east side. Deerfoot Trail is
in the foreground. [41 kb]

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shops on 17 Ave. S.E. - 25 Kb
Shops along International Avenue. [25 kb]

The above photo is the same as the fuzy photo which is used as the background for this file.



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Photos taken in the East
area of Calgary.


Scenes from the east side of the Bow River.

view of Glenmore Trail - 36 kb
Glenmore Trail crosses the Bow
River in the distance. [36 kb].
view of Beaver Dam park - 35 kb
Beaver Dam park from
Lynwood Ridge. [35 kb]
Bow River and city core - 37 kb
The Bow River with the city
core in the distance. [37 kb]

the paved path along ridge  - 36 Kb
The paved path along Lynwood
Ridge. [36 kb]

hill on bike path (36 kb)
The bike path comes down
this hill. [36 kb]

view of path from top - 36 kb
View of the same path
from the top. [36 kb]

view of city core on a rainy day - 10 Kb
The city core in the distance
on a rainy day. [10 kb]





Shops along Internation Avenue

(17 Avenue S.E.).

pawn shop - 37 kb
Pawn shop and building
on 17th Avenue, also known as
International Avenue. [37 kb].
front of pawn shop - 42 kb
View of the front of the
same pawn shop. [42 kb]
Chinese restaurant - 35 kb
Chinese restaurant on
International Avenue. [35 kb]







Skating and Sledding area

in Marlborough Park.


skating area and hill - 53 kb
This large skating area and hill are located in
the center of Marlborough Park. [53 kb]

hill and skating area  - 35 kb
The sleding hill and
skating area. [35 kb]

running down the hill -  [36 kb]
These two get a push down
the hill. [36 kb]

the run ends on ice (35 kb)
Finishing the run on the
ice below. [35 kb]

taking a rest at the top (37 kb)
Stopping to rest at
the top. [37 kb]


getting a bit of help - 37 kb
Getting a bit of help. [37 kb]







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Posted January 8, 2002.
2002 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.