North-West Calgary photographs
the ski jump at Canada Olympic
Park is on the left horrizon  [34 Kb]
Looking west from Varsity Acres.
On the other side of the river, in the trees is Bowness. [34 kb]
walking in the park 27 Kb
Trees next to the Bow River
in Shouldice Park. [27 kb]


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The above photo is the same as the fuzy green photo used as the background for this file.



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Photos taken in the North-West
area of Calgary


Miscellaneous photos from the Bowness Area

a playground  - 39 kb
A playground in west
Bowness. [39 kb].
COP ski jump on left - 34 kb
The Canada Olympic Park ski jump
can be seen on the left. [34 kb]
photo of bench  - 37 kb
A bench in the fall at
Bowness Park. [37 kb]

road running through trees - 40 Kb
      A road running through trees
    on Paskapoo slopes. [40 kb]

ski jump and mountains (36 kb)
The ski jump and mountains
are in the background with
Montgomery below. [36 kb]

skating at Bowness Park  - 44 kb
Bowness Park skating. [44 kb]




Nature Photographs in
North-West Calgary.

walking bridge over Bow River (31 kb
Walking bridge over Bow River
in west Bowness. [31 kb]

trees in fall - 40 kb
Trees in fall located in
Bowness Park. [40 kb]

a path through park (29 kb)
A path through
Bowness Park. [29 kb]

highway crossing Bow River (31 kb
The Trans Canada highway
crossing the Bow River in
east Bowness. [31 kb]

trees on Douglas Fir trail - 28 kb
Trees found on the
Douglas Fir trail. [28 kb]

a bridge on path (29 kb)
The bridge on the Douglas
Fir trail, in Edworthy
Park. [29 kb]





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Posted January 8, 2002.
2002 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.