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path down to Fish Creek - 38 Kb
Path going from Queensland Heights
down into Fish Creek Park. [38 kb]

The above photograph is the same as the fuzy background photo used in this file.









Recreation in the South-East

path across east Fish Creek Park - 38 kb
The path crosses a large flat area
of Fish Creek Park. [38 kb]
path to the lake - 15 kb
Path leading to Lake Sikome.
The lake and parking lot is
on left. [49 kb]
the lake on a hot afternoon - 37 kb
Lake Sikome on a hot summer
afternoon. [37 kb]

inline skaters cross a bridge - 40 Kb
Inline skaters cross the bridge
near Riverbend. [40 kb]

stopping at a rest area (37 kb)
Bikers rest near a Fish Creek
shelter and wash room. [37 kb]

a pick your part sign - 25 kb
In a different area of the South-East,
people who are into cars can
"pick your part." [25 kb].


Photographs of Nature in
Fish Creek Park.

theatre where you learn about deers (34 kb
Interpretive theatre where people
learn about deers in the summer.
There is a deer between the
trees on the left. [34 kb]

a deer in park - 37 kb
Another deer wonders through
the park. [37 kb]

deer and theatre  (37 kb)
You can chose to view the deers
in the winter instead of being
told about them in the
summer. [37 kb]

wet ice on creek  (39 kb
Fish Creek in the winter
after a bit of melting. [39 kb]

tall grass
Tall grass next to
Fish Creek. [37 kb]

Fish Creek in January (40 kb)
Fish Creek in January. [40 kb]



More trees water and ice

in Fish Creek Park.

a walking bridge (39 kb
Walking bridge over Fish
Creek. [39 kb]

trees in winter - 39 kb
Trees with houses in background
in Fish Creek Park. [39 kb]

houses overlook river (38 kb)
The houses of Mountain Park
overlook the Bow River. [38 kb]

a path through trees  (38 kb
A path through the trees in
Fish Creek Park. [38 kb]

a tree stands out - 33 kb
A tree stands out. [33 kb]

a tree shape  (37 kb)
A unique tree shape in Fish
Creek Park. [37 kb]







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Posted January 8, 2002.
2002 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.