South-West Calgary photographs
view across Glenmore Reservoir 40 Kb
View across Glenmore Reservoir
to the south shore. [40 kb]


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Heritage Park from west - 33 Kb
Heritage Park from the north-west
side of the reservoir. [33 kb]

The above photo is the same as the fuzy photo which is used as the background for this file.






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Photos taken in South-West Calgary



Heritage Park and Glenmore Reservoir

Heritage Park from west - 33 kb
Heritage Park from the west
side of the reservoir. [33 kb].
a cool late afternoon walk  - 34 kb
Man taking a late afternoon
walk in South Glenmore
Park. [34 kb]
cross country skiing - 36 kb
Someone cross country skiing
across a frozen Glenmore
Reservoir. [36 kb]







Fish Creek Park

partial view of Fish Creek Park (37 kb)
The view of part of Fish Creek
Park and Woodbine from
the south. [37 kb]

Fish Creek in January - 37 Kb
A frozen Fish Creek in
January. [37 kb]

trail ride barn - 34 kb
Barn where trail rides
are offered. [34 kb]


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Posted January 8, 2002.
2002 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.