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Saddledome and downtown core - 25 Kb
The Saddledome with the
downtown core in
the background. [25 kb]

The above photo is the same as the fuzy photo which is used as the background for this file.

view of city core  - 67 Kb
View of the city core
from Princess Island park. [67 kb]

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Central Calgary Activities

view of Fort Calgary - 37 kb
Fort Calgary is seen on the other
side of the river. [37 kb].
using the Elbow River to cool off - 37 kb
Using the Elbow River to wash
out a hat to help cool off
on a hot day. [37 kb]

taking a noon hour strole - 38 Kb
This pathway near the city core
is an ideal place for a noon
hour strole. [38 kb]

fishing on the Bow River - 35 kb
Fishing on the Bow River
near the city core. [35 kb]

Sandy Beach Park (39 kb)
Sandy Beach Park as seen from
the hill above. [39 kb]

bridge in Sandy Beach Park - 38 kb
The bridge in Sandy Beach
Park. [38 kb]
open grass in Prince's Isand Park - 39 kb
An open space of grass
in Prince's Isand Park. [39 kb]








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Posted January 8, 2002.
2002 Brian M. Brown All rights reserved.   All photographs are marked with almost invisible identifiers.