Stampede Park photographs

Thumbnail Photo Gallery of the 2001

Calgary Stampede


Bowness town 25 Kb
Downtown Calgary isn't far
from the Saddledome and
the Stampede grounds. [25 kb]

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Bowness background photo 25 Kb
The children's midway near
the saddledome. [39 kb]

(The above photo is the same as the fuzy photo which is used as the background for this file.)

link to photos 
in a special 
Chuckwagon file (18 Kb)
The link below takes you to the chuckwagon races.

In order to get quality photographs of the Chuckwagon races, I took photographs of them at the Edmonton track. Without the crowds, I was able to get exciting close-up photographs. Use this link to a file on Chuckwagon racing.

Things To See At The Calgary Stampede

River near entrance to Bowness (31 kb
A row of tepees in the
Indian village.

The Elbow River runs through
the Stampede grounds.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
Artifacts displayed outside
of a tepee.

River near entrance to Bowness (31 kb
Children get to talk to Pokeman
in the Roundup Centre.

A child enjoys himself in the
children's midway.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
Getting up close and personal
with some chickens.

River near entrance to Bowness (31 kb
An agricultural parade in
the Big Top show ring.

Grooming horses in a tent
at Stamede Country.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
The cow milking demonstration
draws a lot of attention.


The Stampede Also Presents Music and Excitement

a bridge on path (29 kb)
A group from Equadore entertain
people that pass by.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
The Rodeo Riders entertain
in Weadickville.

River near entrance to Bowness (31 kb
The superdogs begin their
program in the Corral.

River near entrance to Bowness (31 kb
Top entertainers appear at Nashville
North and draw a big crowd.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
A crowd trys to see the action
on Coca-Cola stage.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
The Coca-Cola stage draws a
crowd in the afternoon.

River near entrance to Bowness (31 kb
Fishing for prizes at
the midway.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
An exciting ride in
the midway.

a bridge on path (29 kb)
Strolling through the

the midway  (42 kb
Looking south-west at
the midway from above.

the midway (41 kb)
Looking south at
the midway.

the midway  (40 kb)
The midway from the stairs
of the Big Four building.



Quiet Things To Do At The Stampede

2 larger toboggan photos - 40 kb
A quiet moment by the River
on the Stampede grounds.

River near entrance to Bowness (31 kb
You can sit in the shade and
watch people go by.

this photo enlarged - 39 kb
To stay cool, you can wash your
hat in the Elbow River.

to winter tubeing photos - 45 Kb
The Mercantile store sells giftware,
western clothing and souvenirs.

dump truck against tanker (8 kb)
The Country Music Hall
of Fame.

2 photos of Bowness park skating area - 54 kb
A guitar display in the Hall
of Fame.

Crafts in the Roundup Centre.
Also, see displays by artisans,
chefs, and floral designers.

Enjoy a quiet and cool
strole through the displays.

An International Photo exhibit
contains photographs from
35 countries.







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