The Louise McKinney Riverfront Park

thumbnail photos and notes from Edmonton


River Valley park next to the city core (2002):

the Edmonton Queen just below 
city centre  (42 kb)

This is the North Saskatchewan River playground with the riverfront park on the right. The Edmonton Queen paddlewheeler is docked on the left and the Edmonton city centre is above. (42 kb)
[Beginning in 2005, along with a new convention centre expansion, they made major improvements to this park.]

the end of the raft races (56 kb)

The annual raft race and water fight runs down the river and then finishes here at the riverfront park. This is when the river becomes very busy, and a little crowded. (56 kb).
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unique raft race.

walking towards the Shaw 
Convention Centre and Edmonton 
city centre -  40 kb

The view of the stairs and buildings, as seen from the path. This photograph hints of how this massive park dwarfs people. The feeling created by the park is similar to the feeling you get when walking in a large open area surrounded by mountains. At least that is what I thought. Since then they planted a lot of trees, a major improvement (if you like trees) (I enjoyed the look of a lot of prairie grass, while it lasted). (40 kb)

the hill and a building that 
reminds you of a castle  -  81 kb

Almost a month after the raft races, the dragon boat races are held. Three boats at a time take part in a 10 minute race up the river.
In the background, above, the large brown building hints of a huge cat with two paws in front, or maybe a castle. This adds to the playground atmosphere of this unique park. (81 kb)

dragon boat races crowd
 and Edmonton  Queen -  73 kb

Here, the races are over and a crowd gathers for the awards. Meanwhile, the Edmonton Queen passes in the background. (73 kb)




convention center on the side 
of the hill below Edmonton 
city centre -  47 kb

This photograph clearly shows how the shape of the two stairways on the hill compliment the architecture of the two buildings that are just above and to the left, so it becomes one huge piece of art. (47 kb)

the step effect  -  58 kb

This angle highlights the step effect that is present throughout the park, and in the buildings above. (58 kb)


benches in the park -  58 kb

The design of the benches and lamp posts compliment the unique nature of the riverfront park. (58 kb)


convention center on the side 
of the hill below Edmonton 
city centre -  41 kb

This again shows the design of the park, the architecture of two new buildings, and the preservation of historical buildings next to the river. (41 kb)

the valley from the top,
 looking S.E.  (52 kb)

The view looking south-east from the city core at the top of the valley. The Mutart Conservatory is on the right, the Edmonton Queen is in the centre, and the foot bridge can be seen on the left. (52 kb).

convention center on the side
 of the hill below Edmonton 
city centre -  48 kb

The Edmonton Queen at dock. Above, the small old buildings are one more element that adds to the Disneyland effect.
Before a voyage, many people chose to enjoy a meal which is cooked on the boat. (48 kb)

view looking south west 
with the paddlewheeler on 
the left -  49 kb

This is the view looking south west. The paddlewheeler is on the left, the low level bridge is in the background, and the city core is on the right. (49 kb)


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